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Yann Basire

Yann Basire is an associate professor at the University of Haute Alsace.His teaching posts include: Université d'Orléans, Institute of intellectual Property (IIP) - Japan, Université de Strasbourg and other universities. He received his PhD at the Univesity of Strasbourg and his masters degree from the Trinity College Dublin and the University of Caen. He teaches the following courses: Introduction to Law and Law of Obligations; Introduction to Intellectual Property; Trademark Law; Law of New Technologies etc. He was awarded with "Prix de thèse - Meilleure thèse de droit privé (septembre 2011 – septembre 2012) Faculté de droit de Strasbourg" as well as with the ECTA Award 2014 - Professional category for the paper "Why are the trademarks protected? A comparative approach of the questions of the trademark functions in Europe and in Japan".