Thierry Debled
Valentin Pepeljugoski, Ph.D.
Didier Intes
Toni Deskoski
Tatjana Zoroska Kamilovska


This course covers all aspects of patent law and especially the substantive conditions for patent granting. The lessons extend to the protection of biotechnology, medicine, as well as inventions implemented by computer. The course has a special focus on the European Patent Convention and the Patent Cooperation Treaty. 

1.    Introduction to Patents 

1.1.    History, Philosophy and Economics of Patent Law
1.2.    Sources of Patent Law
1.2.1.    General sources (TRIPS, Paris Convention)
1.2.2.    Specific Sources ( PCT, PLT, European Patent Convention, CoE Conventions)
1.2.3.    International Classifation
2.    Subject of Protection
2.1.    Patentable Subject Matter
2.2.    Exceptions to Patentibility  
3.    Conditions for patentability
3.1.    Novelty (Disclosure Requirements);
3.2.    Inventive Step or Non-Obviousness;
3.3.    Industrial Application (Utility);
4.    Persons entitled to apply for and obtain a patent
5.    Procedure for Granting Patents
5.1.    Patent Application
5.1.1.    Priority Rights
5.1.2.    Patent Claims
5.1.3.    Other elements of the application
5.2.    Patent Application Publication
5.3.    Examination
5.4.    Grant or Refusal and Publication
5.5.    Oposition and Appeal Procedure
5.6.    International and Europan Procedures
5.7.    Role of IP offices, Patent Agents and Patent Attornies   
6.    Scope , Term of Protection and Limitations of a Patent
7.    Patents and Utility Models
8.    Patents, Trade Secrets and Know-How  
9.    Protection of Plant Varieties
9.1.    Subject of Protection
9.2.    Conditions for Protection
9.3.    Protection Procedure
9.4.    Scope, Term and Limitations of Protection
9.5.    Suplementary Protection    
10.    Biotechnologcal Patents
11.    Pharmaceutical Patents
12.    Reaserch and Development and Technology Transfer at University Level
13.    Patent Exloitation
14.    Enforcement of Patent Rights
15.    Infigement of Patents and Defences                                          16.    Patent Litigation  and Dispute Resolution                                               17.    Unified Patent Court



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