Introduction to Intellectual Property Law


-C. Geiger, Ph.D.
J. Dabovik-Anastasovska, Ph.D.
M. Polenak Akimovska, Ph.D.
B.Davitkovski, Ph.D.
N.Tupanceski, Ph.D.
N.Gavrilovik, Ph.D
N.Zdraveva, Ph.D.


This course examines the international legal system of intellectual property. Introduction to IP Law aims to introduce students with the scope of this legal discipline that provides protection and enhancement of all creations of the mind. Students are acquainted  with the two branches of intellectual property: copyright and related rights and industrial property. This course also aims to present the various international organizations. The teaching furthermore covers the TRIPS agreement of the World Trade Organization, WIPO agreements such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the Madrid System, the Hague system and the Paris and Berne Convention. The course extends to bilateral and regional free trade agreements. The course will provide a comprehensive theoretical and practical view of international law applicable to intellectual property.

1. The concept of the Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Law  
2. The system of the Intellectual Property
3. Introduction to the Economic Aspects of IP Rights   
4. Theories of the legal nature of IP rights
5. Types of Intellectual Property Rights
5.1. Industrial Property Rights
5.2. Copyrights and Related Rights
6. Scope of IR rights
7. Introduction to the historical development of IP Law
8. Sources and Principles of IP Law
8.1. International Sources
8.1.1. The Status of International IPR Conventions;
8.1.2. Territoriality, Reciprocity, National Treatment, Minimal Rights and Most Favored Nation principles in the International IPR Conventions;
8.2. EU Sources of IP Law
8.3. National sources of IP Law
8.4. The influence of the International and EU IP Law on the national IP Law
9. International Organizations                                                                          10. Administrative Law aspects of IP                                                                   11. Criminal law aspects of IP





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