Competition & Antitrust

Professors: Goran Koevski, Ph.D.
Jadranka Dabovic Anastasovska, Ph.D.
Thomas Hatzigaios, Ph.D
Nenad Gavrilovic, Ph.D.


1.    Introduction to Copmetition Law ond Policy
2.    Sources of Competition Law
2.1.    EU Sources
2.2.    Comptetion Law in the USA
2.3.    National Sources
2.4.    Basic Notions of Comparative Competition Law
3.     Restricitve Practicies
4.    Dominant Postion
5.    Concetrations
6.    Intelectual Property Rights and Competition Law
6.1.    Parallel Imports
6.2.    Absolute Teritorial Protection
6.3.    Restricitve Clauses
6.4.    Licencing and Technlogy Transfer
7.    Enforcement
8.    Unfair Competition Law
8.1.    Grounds for Protection
8.2.    Acts of unfair Competition
8.3.    Sanctions
9.    State Aid


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